Saturday, June 8, 2013

Flat Hamburger Buns & Vegemite Scrolls

When I have a burger, I don't want it to be all bun, I like to load up the fillings. I love those flat, round buns that you can sometimes get from the supermarkets, but most often from chain bakeries such as Baker's Delight. But, I've always wanted to make them myself.

I have a brilliant recipe for bread rolls from called Bread Rolls in Under an Hour. And, you certainly can make them in that time, but I do prefer a longer prove time. The rolls are gorgeous and soft inside and there's a recipe for a lovely crunchy topping.

I won't reprint the recipe here as the link will take you to it. I prove in my Thermomix bowl for about an hour or so until it's almost popping out of the top. Once shaped, I allow them to double in size, another hour or so.

To make the burger buns, simply cut the dough into 8 pieces, as per the recipe and put two aside. Make the 6 pieces into a round shape and stretch out as much as possible to flatten. Place onto a large baking tray that is lined with baking paper or a silicone mat, leaving room for spreading. Place a piece of baking paper or a lightweight silicone mat over the top of the rolls.

With the remaining two pieces, join them together and roll out into a rectangle shape. This will require some patience as the dough will want to spring back to it's original shape. Persevere.

Mix some Vegemite with butter and spread over the dough. Add some grated cheese and roll into a log. Cut into 1cm pieces and place on another lined tray that will fit over the rolls.
Cover with a cloth and allow to prove until doubled.
In the last 10 minutes of proving, preheat the oven to 225 degrees C.

Bake as is on the top shelf of the oven for 15 minutes. Remove top tray and place on a shelf underneath for a further 5 minutes.
Remove scrolls and allow to cool a little before placing on a rack. Check that rolls are cooked by tapping the base of one. Remove to a rack to cool completely.

Makes a fantastic steakburger

Hamburger Bun the next day ready for the toaster
Cut in half to reveal a lovely fine texture and soft interior.



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