Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Favourite Cookware

Le Creuset

I'm a fan of really good quality bake ware and cookware. I use my Thermomix a lot, but when cooking larger quantities or things that the Thermomix isn't suitable for, I love my Le Crueset cookware. I only have two items that I purchased online and I use these over and over again.

I love the fact that I can brown meat in the pans and get a really dark caramelisation. The  dishes will go on the stove top or in the oven and can cook like a slow cooker. They wash up like a dream, absolutely spotless!

Le Creuset cook ware is an investment, it isn't cheap. It's sometimes available at a special price, but usually only limited colours. I really don't care about colour. I bought the red ones as only blue and red were available.
They're also very heavy, being enamelled cast iron, so not suitable for people who have arthritis or other conditions which would affect their ability to heft a full casserole from the oven.

I used to be a fan of Scanpan, but now only use their baking dishes. I bought the Scanpan frying pan and wok when they first came to Australia and was disappointed as they certainly were not 'non-stick'. The baking dishes, however, are exceptional. Definitely non stick and easy to clean.

You certainly don't need great quality cookware to be a good cook, but it does help. My eldest sister is an exceptional cook and has always had cheap saucepans and kitchenware. I honestly don't know how she's managed to produce the sort of food she has with only the most basic of equipment. It can be done, but I'd rather not have to.


  1. I bought up big on Scanpan and have been so disappointed. So far I've returned two pots and one pan.

    I have two pans (including one that was replaced) that have completely lost their non stick properties and I need to get organised and send them back for a return.

    I'm not buying another piece of Scanpan.

    On the otherhand I love the Bessemer wok my mum bought me.

    I'm also longing to buy my first piece of Le Creuset.

  2. Kate, I bought mine from Kitchenware Direct. Much cheaper than the shops and no freight charges - a bonus for something that heavy!

    I'm with you on the Scanpans. I tried returning one of mine and they wouldn't take it back as they said it just needed cleaning. Phooey!

  3. Oh yeah, I have a big blue frypan. Heavy as anything but I love to use it. One day I might be able to buy a big pot that can go from stove into the oven. That would be handy.