Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Menu Plan October 3rd - 16th

This fortnight we're having:

Monday 3rd - Boeuf Bourguignon - this is my own recipe.

Tuesday 4th - Chicken & Almond Stir Fry with Hokkein Noodles 

Wednesday 5th - Salmon Patties and Salad

Thursday 6th to Sunday 9th - Steve will be having freezer meals as I'm away.

Monday 10th - Creamy Lemon Chicken & veggies

Tuesday 11th - Pork Steaks in Mustard Sauce with Braised Cabbage & Apple

Wednesday 12th - Roast Chicken 

Thursday 13th - Lasagne & Salad

Friday 14th - Left overs

Saturday 15th - at a Wedding!

Sunday 16th - BBQ at Bowls. I'll take a Mexican Bean Salad to share.

I find menu planning is working really well. I might swap meals around a little if unforeseen events occur, but I stick to the menu otherwise. 
Planning a menu means that I shop to that menu, so there's no last minute searching for some ingredient.
It also stops me buying things I think I might use and then find in the bottom of the fridge all mouldy weeks later.

Do you Menu Plan?


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  1. l came to this blog through a link from thermomix forum , my forum name is nazar l wanted to tell you where l live in the south west but could not find under what section it was .
    l live in augusta l have never heard of nyabing but l googled it. we have camped in albany a few times and really enjoyed the town there was so much to do and it is so beautful my older son loved the swimming pool and the water slide and whirl pool. my older son was a bit young when we went to whale world and didn't enjoy it but we did. l liked the scrapbook shop which was there but has since changed hands and l did not like the new one as much. l find this sight a great inspiration as l have been trying to work out a meal plan but have not had much luck as l have 2 boys aged 3 and 12 and they are very fussy eaters . but l need to organize myself to try new recipes in the hope a few more they will love