Sunday, September 22, 2013

Healthy Fast Food

Is there such a thing?

In your own home, yes. From a Fast Food place? No, I don't believe so.

In undertaking a little research for the wholefood unit that I'm taking as a part of my Nutritional Medicine course I found a great website called the Healthy Home Economist. Sarah, an American woman writes about the dangers of processed foods in our diet. She has posted a great video showing how to teach your children at a very young age not to ever want to eat fast food. She basically purchases a Happy Meal from the drive through at McDonalds, then gives her child the toy from the box. She then tells the child that the rest of what is in the box isn't food, and will make them very sick if they eat it. She removes the burger and drink from the box and places it in the rubbish bin, reinforcing the fact that the contents of the box belong in the bin, not in their stomachs.
This can be done from as young as 18 months, she says, and is a very powerful lesson. After all, the child only wants the Happy Meal for the toy inside, as the McMonster marketing gurus know. So, buy them the toy, but throw the burger away.
A very interesting way to teach children the value of fast food.
Here's the link to the video: Mom vs Fast Food

So many people tell me they only have Maccas and KFC and HJ's occasionally, when they go to Perth or Albany, for example. The more I learn about the rubbish that's churned out from these fast food joints, the more I wish I had never, ever allowed my children to put any of it past their precious lips.
However, it's too late now, they all love it. Not so much Maccas or KFC, but HJ's is a definite favourite. Though, my daughter is more keen on Wok In A Box and those sort of chain fast food places now. So much healthier and nicer!

When I was a child, our favourite take away food was Fish and Chips. This was a Friday night special treat and Dad would have to go down the street to buy it because it was Mum's night off from cooking. The fish and chips of my childhood is nothing like what most fish and chip shops serve now. The chips were hand cut and cooked in beef fat, a healthy, high smoke point stable fat. The fish was coated in a light and crispy batter and also fried in beef fat. There were no additives, stabilisers, preservatives or artificial colourings. It was just plain food. Still high in fat, but a once a week treat.

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