Friday, June 24, 2011

Getting Organised - Shopping

Recently, I helped out a friend in need and did a quick run around the supermarket for her. She handed me a Grocery Check List where she'd just ticked off all the items she required. It was so easy to use and on querying her about it, the list is a downloadable pdf from a blog. There's loads of these blogs out there, written by young mums, mostly, trying to get their lives into some sort of order and sharing their ideas with their avid readers.

The Grocery Check List was obviously from a US 'gal' and, while still really handy, didn't quite include the things that I would normally buy. I mean, where was the MightyMite? (I no longer buy Vegemite as it's not an Australian product anymore..)

So, I've developed my own check list. Since I buy very little pre-prepared stuff, it won't suit everyone, but I've left plenty of spaces to add your own items. (I didn't actually add MightyMite, but put in the item 'Spreads', and space to write the particular spread needed.)
I also make my own toiletries washing up liquid and cleaning products, so didn't include those either. Since I don't have babies, there's no nappies, baby food etc. either.
I don't usually buy eggs as I have a friend and a daughter with chooks and we swap eggs for soap.

If you'd like me to create one with these items, let me know what you need and I'll try to fit it in. Tell me what I can take out of the list that you don't normally buy.

I don't buy these items every week, of course, but it's still handy to have the whole list of things that I use.

This link will take you to Google Docs. You can then click 'File' and 'Download' or 'Print'. Let me know what you think, I'd love some feedback. I haven't made it all fancy with pretty pictures, that's just not my thing!

I'm sure there'll be something I've left off the list!

Grocery Check List 
(modified 3/7/11)


  1. This is what I used to do MJ. I developed a list (just a table in Word) and each month I printed out a copy and use a highlighter to highlight the items we needed. Now that I do my big monthly shop online though I have my list saved on the site and I just log on and enter the quantities I need. I love my easy online list and I love having my groceries delivered to my kitchen bench!

  2. Where do you shop online FLT? Sounds so easy! Isn't freight a killer, though?

  3. Sadly just at the stupid market (Coles). I buy what I can through BioDistributors Online (flour, oil etc) and fresh produce at our local farmers market. The rest I buy once a month from Coles Online.

  4. Our nearest Coles is 200km away! Would be great if we had a Bio Distributors in WA!