Sunday, May 13, 2012

Quince Paste

Quinces have been around for years. They're hard, pale, ugly and nasty tasting when raw, but when cooked, they transform into luscious pink, fragrant deliciousness.

A friend recently gave me some quinces to make quince paste in the Thermomix (thanks Robyn!).
If making Quince Paste the traditional way, it would mean stirring every 5 - 10 minutes for 1 1/2 hours! It can stick to the pan and it is likely to spit and burn you while you're tending to it.

No thanks.

Jeff Brady, a Thermomix enthusiast and blogger, has developed this recipe which is published in Dani Valent's "In the Mix" recipe book. (Available through me or from the Thermomix Website.)
Jeff has the recipe on his blog, so I'll link it here, rather than reprinting it: Quince Paste

I did as Jeff suggested and placed the Thermomix in the sink with a towel underneath. I covered the opening with two layers of paper towel to prevent it spitting everywhere and let it do it's own thing for the 50 minutes it took to cook.
I did make one small change - instead of cooking on speed 5, I used speed 4. Also, please see my later post where I had a Happy Accident with Quince Paste to get that lovely rich, ruby red colour.

Quince Paste is wonderful on a cheese platter or just spread on fresh bread with lots of butter....


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