Sunday, May 27, 2012

Make Your Own Mince

Voila! Minced Steak

Today I wanted to make pasties so that Steve and his dad can take them for lunches during seeding rather than boring sandwiches.

Unfortunately, I had no mince in the freezer. But, I did have some chuck steak which I could easily turn into mince in the Thermomix!

To mince any meat, including chicken, lamb and pork, it's best to be semi frozen and cut into 2cm cubes. Do small amounts at one time - I prefer to do about 100g each time. Place cubes into the bowl and mince on speed 7 for around 8 - 10 seconds.
It does make a racket, so be prepared!

So, no need to buy mince again!


  1. Quick question: how long would I have to freeze fresh meat for it to be semi frozen? As opposed to freezing it and defrosting it on the day. Thanks!

  2. Sorry, I didn't get any notification about this comment!
    I freeze it for about an hour, or defrost frozen meat in the fridge until it's semi-thawed.

  3. thanks for the tips.. i use fresh chicken breast meat and i tried few speeds...

    5 seconds with speed 5 is just nice for every 100g of chicken breast cubes. :)