Saturday, August 25, 2012

Super Scrubbies

Following on from Super Kitchen Machine's success with the Super Spatula, Helene has now introduced Super Scrubbies.

Here is some information about them, taken directly from Helene's Super Kitchen Machine website:

Often called "the world's finest pot-scrubbers" or "Rainbow Scrubbies". Amazingly gentle and strong, they are 'scrubby' but not scratchy, ideal for cleaning stainless steel. These colorful little lovelies conform beautifully to the Thermomix bowl for a sparkling shine every time!

Tough, powerful and GENTLE super for scrubbing Thermomix bowl and machine base too!

In the kitchen: safe for: blenders, pots & pans, sinks, cast iron, enamel or ceramic stove tops, ovens, glassware, china, cutlery, glass shelving, countertops, cutting boards, stoneware.
Great for removing coffee stains from cups, scrubbing potatoes, carrots , root vegetables, compost bucket, non-stick pans
In the bathroom: cleans porcelain sinks, tubs, showers. Removes hard water deposits from chrome, tile, and glass doors
Around the house: cleans window screens, old plant pots, garden tools, BBQ racks, grills.
Body care: smoothes rough heels and calluses,cleans dirt and paint from hands.

For $54CA, approximately $52AU, you get 15 of the smaller scrubbies, 15cm x 12cm and 2 of the larger ones, 23cm x 15cm.

Just click on the Super Spatula graphic to the right of the page and you'll be taken to the Super Kitchen Machine website where Helene has some great deals happening! Postage is included and if you're in the country, your package will arrive faster than a package from Perth!

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