Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Thermomix Forum

Forum Thermomix is my go to place whenever I'm looking for a recipe to make in my Thermomix.
Looking for a Thermomix recipe? Then this is the best site on the internet.

Not only is there an amazing array of TRIED and TESTED recipes there, but there are honest reviews of many of the recipes in the Thermomix Recipe Books. Do a search for thermomix recipes and google should take you to the right place.
There's nothing worse than wasting a mass of ingredients on something that either doesn't work out or just isn't nice.

My advice to anyone who owns a Thermomix is to sign up to and check out the place. There's a bunch of great people there who will help you with any queries that you have. Many have had their machines for years. A couple of them are consultants, but most are just enthusiastic users who will offer their years of experience.

Don't put .au at the end of the link. That will take you to the official Thermomix recipe community. While many of the recipes there are good, the forum isn't active so there's very little interaction with other Thermomix users.

The original is always the best:


  1. I love forumthermomix, it is my 'one stop place' for all recipes & questions regarding my TM, I especially like checking out tweaks that other have made to their recipes. I don't think I would love my TM as much if it weren't for!

  2. Hi. It's Master Moderator from the fourm. Thanks for this wonderful post. Yes, Forum Thermomix is a great place and it enabled the starting of great friendships.

    Much appreciated. Thanks