Wednesday, June 12, 2013

iPad/Tablet Stand

For those of you, like me, who use their iPads or other tablets to access recipes, being able to use your iPad in an upright position is so much easier.

I've bought a stand, but it's not much chop. The iPad still falls over. So, I'm going to get myself one of these super, duper Kribbits!

Rather than spend forever typing up all the information about them, I'm copying and pasting from Helene's Super Kitchen Machine website. I'm in partnership with Helene and sell these products through my blog. The price includes delivery from Canada to Australia.

Finally -- the best iPad stand for cooks and kitchens!  
The KRIBBITT iPad stand is a universal tablet holder that fits all devices (including the iPad mini and other brands from 14cm). Click to see video.
SIX reasons why this is the best iPad stand for kitchens: 
  • fits so many devices, not limited to one model of iPad or brand of tablet
  • fits so many places! ideal in the home and outdoors: at the beach, poolside, on boats, airplanes, schools, hospitals & practically everywhere else. Easy on/off, switch between devices and family members easily
  • easily adjust to multiple viewing angles to reduce eye fatigue & muscle strain
  • even works with 'smart cover' on(Just fold the cover back and set your tablet into the Kribbitt.)
(I like this bit, as the stand I have now does not allow for my smart cover)

  • easily adjusts for landscape and portrait 
  • hangs securely from standard door pulls found on most upper kitchen cabinets. Very stable and not permanent, easily removes in seconds if you need to open the door. (No screws or drilling! Click here to see how it works.)
What else makes this iPad stand special and different from the rest? 
  • latex-free rubber for secure non-slip placement even when scrolling and typing
  • lightly grips thigh for stability when seated, remains balanced on uneven surfaces when lounging
  • choose your fave colour: blackgreenpink, frosty/clear.
  • provides a comfortable handle for ease of presentations, shooting video, taking pictures, moving between rooms 
  • light, compact & durable:  take it anywhere
  • customize to your preference, and adjust as often as you like... there is no single way to use the Kribbitt, it's all up to you!
  • child friendly: soft but strong rubber cushions the tablet if knocked over by a moving pet or rough play
  • KRIBBITT is made by hand in Canada (by a dad who invented it for his kids). 
All kit prices include world-wide airmail shipping
Great in the house, car, and outdoors, this revolutionary iPad holder will quickly become your best buddy in the kitchen.
Just click the graphic at the top right hand side of my page to go to the online store for this fantastic product!!


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