Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Excellent Online Grocery Store

 As most followers of my blog would know, I like to try and shop locally. However, there is a limit to what my local storekeeper can provide, so I do shop elsewhere when necessary.

This online store was recommended to me by my Thermomix consultant. It's exceptional because they only charge a flat $5.00 fee for postage.
I ordered 10kg of goods recently, so to receive a package from Perth for only $5.00 is incredible. are just brilliant. The various things I bought included some fresh almonds, some yummy Sour Cream and Chives Soy Crisps, delicious Roasted, Salted Edamame, Peaz Wheelz and Rice Crackers. I also bought some flax seed and buckwheat for bread.

Everything was packed beautifully and arrived here very quickly. I can't recommend them highly enough.


  1. We love them too. I live in Perth, so our postage is only $3.50 and it is delivered on my door step at 7am the next morning!

    I just hope they start to provide more organic food, as the food that they sell that is not organic, still have preservatives in it.

  2. you'll need to purchase issues in bulk when you can. Like a single person one of the big complaints is that it's hard to cook for 1, however it really is not. You can purchase in bulk, then get some ziploc bags and seperate your meats and other things into single parts before you decide to freeze them. This is a good way to lower your expenses along with a great way to make it simple to cook for 1. This is most likely the best tip for how to put together a grocery shopping spendingindian spices wholesale

  3. Yes, I love Zip Lock Bags too.

    I tried your link to your Indian Grocery Store, but it took forever to load and I gave up. I love Indian cooking and like to buy genuine spices. I'll try again later, it may be my internet connection.