Sunday, December 4, 2011

Polish Coleslaw

This is a delicious version of a coleslaw. It's an all in one Thermomix recipe which, at a pinch, may be able to be made in a food processor.

The recipe was posted by JudyDawn on the Thermomix Forum and it originally came from a Thermomix Polish Cooking Class in Adelaide. Thanks Judy!!

I've renamed it, because it really is a coleslaw. I also added lemon rind as I love the flavour.

Polish Coleslaw (normally called Raw Vegetable Salad)

1/2 cabbage (around 250g), chopped into chunks
1 large carrot, peeled and chopped into chunks
50g dill cucumbers (I used cornichons, the baby dill cucumbers), chopped finely
1/2 green apple, core removed, chopped into chunks
1/2 red onion (I used brown), chopped into chunks
small bunch parsley
juice and rind of half a lemon
1 tsp sugar
salt & pepper to taste
3 Tbsp light olive oil

Place all ingredients (except cornichons) in the Thermomix bowl and process on speed 4 for 8 seconds, using spatula to assist with incorporation if necessary.
 I processed for a further 6 seconds on speed 4 to get the right consistency. Best to do short bursts and check constantly.


  1. Sounds delicious Meg!
    I LOVE apple in coleslaw xx

  2. It is really lovely Clare. It's not a sweet coleslaw as such, more sweet and sour.

  3. Hi Megan
    I made your puff pastry yesterday and - oh YUM! So nice and easy. I didn't let it rest though as I run out of time, so it was a bit short but very very tasty.