Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Chicken Salad with Vietnamese Dressing

This salad is one of the most delicious I've had since I discovered the Asian Salad on the back of the Chang's Fried Noodle packet!

This is a Thermomix recipe only because the chicken is cooked in the Thermomix and then shredded in it as well!

I can't give you the recipe here, but it can be found in a groovy little booklet called "Dinner Spinner" from Cooking with Tenina. You can also get the Spin a Dinner app for iPad and iPhone.

The dressing is a wonderful combination of fresh herbs, ginger and garlic with lime juice and fish sauce. It blends so well with the salad of spinach, cabbage and carrot. I often add cucumber and snow peas to the salad.

I've changed the dressing at different times to make it more Thai than Vietnamese by adding lime leaves and coriander with the other herbs. This worked brilliantly for a Thai Beef Salad in much the same vein.

I had the memorable experience of attending one of Tenina's Advanced Thermomix Class in Albany recently. I learned so much and enjoyed the evening immensely.


  1. Thanks for this Megan…only found it by accident…tag me, tag me! It was such a pleasure to meet you as well…loving the soap, been showing it to everyone…we need to sell them on Crio Bru…how many can you make?? hahaha

    talk soon

  2. I've been making as much Crio soap as I can!
    One lot comes out of the mould as another goes in, so there'll be plenty to sell in a month's time!
    Would definitely tag you if I knew how.