Sunday, April 8, 2012

Raspberry & Almond Meringue Cake

Who said you can't make meringue in the Thermomix? Of course you can! It just needs heat.

The meringue came up a treat. I processed raw sugar first, then the egg whites and cream of tartar were added and cooked on 60 for 6 minutes with the butterfly inserted.
The result was shiny, fluffy and light meringue.

This recipe is another from Tenina and can be found in her book For Food's Sake. I'm just loving the recipes in this book.She understands flavour and her recipes are original and interesting. They complement the Recipe Books put out by Vorwerk.
Most recipes use ingredients that you can access easily, even when you live in the bush.

This was easy to make, even though there was quite a few steps. I've learned to sit down and read the recipe carefully before I even start. I also gather many of the ingredients. That way I can be sure that I do actually have the ingredients! There's nothing more annoying than finding yourself half way through making something and discovering that you don't actually have one of the essential ingredients.

I bought a 500g pack of frozen raspberries for this recipe, though fresh ones would be lovely if you have access to them.

We had this for Easter Sunday lunch with friends. It went down a treat!

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