Sunday, June 10, 2012

Money Saving Challenge

A challenge has been put out by a member of the Forum Thermomix to only spend $100 or less a week on groceries. When I look at my grocery bill, I'm flabbergasted at how much I spend sometimes.
Often, it won't be very much as I tend to shop around the outside of a supermarket - fresh fruit and vegies, dairy, meat, but because I buy in bulk my bill can blow out at times. I'm also a sucker for specials and can't resist potato chips and chocolate...

Readers may remember that my sister and I undertook and Freezer and Pantry Challenge some time ago. We vowed to use everything in our pantries and freezers and not to shop unless absolutely necessary. We did this for a month and it certainly did save us both some money.

But, I still had to re-stock my pantry as I can't cope with not having everything I need at my fingertips when I decide I'm going to cook! We have such a wide variety of meals inspired by foods from all over the world that I simply must have all the spices, flours, nuts, seeds and dried fruits to be able to make these.

The freezer is another story. I've recently started freezing meals in vacuum pack bags so that they're flat in the freezer. Instructions (for Snaggers) are written in texta on the bag for re-heating in the microwave. The trouble is, there's not a lot of space in my freezer for these as it's full of stuff! Bags of frozen fruit, cakes, home made pies, anyone would think I'm preparing for a famine.

So, starting tomorrow, I will attempt to spend under $600 a month on food. Some may still think this is a little high, but I do prepare meals for my FIL (Father-In-Law) and occasionally for my DD (Dear Daughter) and her fiancĂ©e. Often, DS Number Two will be home for a meal or two as well.

I'm planning a bulk buy of meat on Tuesday, so will blow the first week's budget, but it should even out in the end.

Anyone keen to join the challenge? Allow $50 per week per person and don't include personal items, alcohol (Thank goodness!) or pet food.


  1. $50 a week per person without toiletries/pet food/alcohol etc??????

    Ummm.... I'm feeding 5 adults, 2 cats, 2 dogs and 10 chooks on $140/week. This is total, not per person. This includes EVERYTHING. I know this is correct because I have a spreadsheet that tallies up everything I spend on running the house. I decided to include everything because I thought it'd be too much trouble to start excluding things.

    Here's the blog post I wrote in January detailing how I run the house:

    You'll be able to do this challenge no worries! Go for it!

  2. Thanks, I'll check it out.
    I'm giving myself a lot of leeway as food is expensive where I live. I'd love to grow vegies, but have a black thumb.

  3. I also don't buy my toiletries as I make my own, so there's some savings there.

  4. Frogdancer, if I was being given fruit and vegetables and left overs from a bakery, then I guess I could easily reduce my spending as you do.
    I wouldn't feed my family leftover pies for an evening meal in a fit.