Sunday, July 1, 2012

Easy Marmalade

If you've ever made marmalade before, you'll know that it entails lots of cutting up of fruit, making it a time consuming process.

Not so with the Thermomix! It's all in one chopping and cooking functions allow the whole process to be completed in the one machine in fraction of the time.
This took no time at all to make after tea last night and I enjoyed it on my toast this morning.

It's always a good idea to add a lemon or at least the juice of a lemon to help the marmalade set.

Orange Marmalade
500g oranges or a mix of citrus fruit
150g water
400g sugar

Wash oranges to remove wax. Cut into quarters or eighths and remove pips.
Place into TM bowl.

Chop for about 6 seconds on speed 6. Add water and cook for 15 minutes on speed 1 - 2.

Add sugar and cook for a further 15 minutes, Varoma temp,  on speed 2. Place basket on top to catch any spitting. Check for setting point by placing a small amount in a little dish and placing in the freezer.

Place into sterilised jars and let cool before placing lids on top and storing.

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