Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Challenge - Wednesday Week 1

Breakfast this morning was easy as I had the croissants that we received for free from the Spirit Radio guy in Bunbury.

Bacon, Cheese and Tomato Croissants

No need to provide a recipe for these as they're simple!

Left over Pizza Subs from Tuesday Week 1

Lasagne and salad
There is a tub of ricotta in the fridge which needs to be used, so I thought of Lasagne as I make my cheese sauce with ricotta. On checking the pantry, I had two packets of lasagne sheets.
I make my lasagne with a simple bolognaise recipe using tomato passata (made yesterday), tinned tomatoes and tomato paste (got all those!) and add in grilled Mediterranean vegies. I have squash, zucchini and eggplant.

No purchases today as I have lettuce in the fridge and tomatoes & cucumber from the garden. I have plenty of Tangy Lemon Dressing.

So expenditure still stands at $3.80



  1. Your resourcefulness is inspirational. I spent double that on a careless sandwich for lunch today.. Your planning is meticulous.

  2. I like to think I'm fairly resourceful, but I'm not very good at planning!

  3. Whoops. Todays spending was $37 but that included toilet paper, fabric softener, bleach etc. Only foodstuff was the spices I had used and needed to replace.
    Trying to construct menu for Bookclub. Cheeseboard is glace figs, home made olives - thanks big sis for that and the almonds you gave me last week. Have cornichons to use up anyway. Have puff pastry so mini quiches are a must. Sadly no yummy Margaret River cheeses just ordinary cheddar.
    Mince will do for mini meatballs and I can make cheese toasties with home made bred. Sweet stuff is chocalte brownies, sponge roll with Meg's lemon butter and piklets. Wish me luck.

  4. Sorry about the poor spelling. Can't find an edit option and was on the phone.

  5. Who cares about spelling? bred and piklets sound great!

    Hope Book Club goes well.