Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Challenge - Wednesday Week 2

Easy breakfast this morning - tinned spaghetti on toast of home made bread!

Lunch was left over salad and zucchini slice and tea was a bit of a cheat's one as I've been in my Skinflint workshop today.

I made the Quarter Cake from the Thermomix Budget Busters book and put the mixture in patty pans. I couldn't bring myself to use the full 250g sugar with only 250g flour, so reduced this to 190g and the mixture was plenty sweet enough.
These worked out quite well, with a flat top, so good for decorating. My patty cakes usually have a peak and rise a lot more than these. I don't really see this recipe as a budget one with 250g butter and 4 eggs!

Breakfast for tea. There were still some chops from the other night which hadn't been cooked, so

Chops, home made wedges, baked beans, eggs (fresh from a friends 'girls') and bacon:

3 potatoes, unpeeled, cut in half along the flattest part and then into wedges and steamed for a few minutes in the Varoma basket.
Place in a plastic bag with 1/4 cup rice flour, salt, pepper, dash of chilli powder and shake to coat.
Deep fry or spray with oil and bake in a hot oven until cooked.

A dearth of green on the plate, but we had salad for lunch.

No expenditure today.
Total spend for 8 days: $75.09


  1. Meg I'm following with interest. With food prices growing exponentially I'm in awe that you're in week 2 with a spend of $75 or so.

    Says I who has had both a fruit/veg and grocery delivered order from Aussie Farmers at around $50 plus a grocery shop at around $300...ouch!

    It was a week where I'm running low on just about everything but all the same I'd love to get my bill down.

  2. It was tuna patties and zucchini slice for me this week. Had some snags in the freezer and was given free eggs so took a step back in time and made scotch eggs baked in the oven. Total spend so far just over $100 which included wine and food for bookclub. Made meatballs, cheese biscuits, toasties, chicken pizza, cheese board with homemade glace figs, as well as snowballs and a divine ginger slice for that. Almost all from ingredients on hand.